AQS Show – Quilts by People I’ve Heard Of

When you go to several of the big quilt shows, you see quilts by the same people year after year. This is kind of fun because you can get used to their color choices or their quilting style. And sometimes you see quilts by people you’ve actually met. The quilts in this post are some of those.

First up, Margaret Solomon Gunn. You know I’m a fan from a previous post. And maybe this post was a clue. She had two quilts in this show. One was in the author’s section and I’ve shown it before. This one. The Jester’s Folly.

She also had a new one in the show. It is called Taking the Unmapped Road. 

Here is a closeup of her edge finishing. It is amazing.As is her quilting. Sigh. Another quilting closeup.

If I ever produce a quilt really close to perfect, I may have Margaret Solomon Gunn quilt it for me. It’s a bucket list item.This next quilt was designed, hand appliquéd and hand quilted by someone I’ve actually met. She used to work at my LQS. Her name is Teresa Yielding Rawson and this quilt is Contentment, made to celebrate her twentieth wedding anniversary.

This next one is by Tim Latimer of Tim Latimer – Quilts, etc. He has won awards for his hand quilting in the past. This one is a snow dyed (I think) wholecloth quilt that he quilted on a treadle machine! (He has videos on his site if you want to see how he does it.) It’s called Peacock Treadle. (I feel like I know Tim because of his blog.) Here is a closeup of some of the quilting.

You’ve already seen Vicki’s quilt in a previous post so here is the last person I have any personal connection to. Christa Watson’s quilt Feathered Chevrons. (By the way, if you accidentally order two copies of her book at different times, she catches it and asks if you really wanted two copies. Ask me how I know. Or don’t.)I have no personal connection to any of the rest of these, except having seen other quilts of theirs in other shows.

Here is Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry’s Lepidopteran #5.

Janet Stone was well represented. I think this is one of my favorites of her alphabet series. This one is called The A-E-I-O Ewes.

This one is from Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchison. It’s called Cardinal Points.

And here is one that may surprise you a little. It is Standing Strong by Janet McTavish and Karen McTavish. The quilting isn’t quite what you expect.I think this is a big enough post for today. There were other quilters whose names I recognized, but I figured I can’t show you all of the quilts so…

Quilt on!