AQS Grand Rapids Visit

What a great meet up at the AQS Quilt Show in Grand Rapids! I got to meet Carole and Nonnie (of Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams podcast).

Nonnie, Carol & me

The three of us met up and had lunch. Then we looked at the Tentmakers of Cairo exhibit and the Colorplay exhibit. Then Carole had to return to her class and Nonnie and I did some shopping. (I bought some things, but did not go crazy. Well, maybe I overbought Laura Wasilowski’s stunning hand dyed thread. I think I’m making the world’s most beautiful crocheted doily with it – but that may change). Other than that, I focused on stencils to use with my Pounce Pad and a couple packs of hand quilting needles that I’ve never tried before. Nonnie behaved much better than I as far as shopping goes.


One of the things that I learned about myself this trip is that I enjoy a quilt show more if I can stay multiple days, take classes, attend lectures and take in the quilts a bit at a time. One day is just too much for me to take in and enjoy.

Next summer you should join us!

Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “AQS Grand Rapids Visit

  1. I’ve got a collection of Laura Wasilowsky’s thread too–wonderful stuff! I’m using it for a hand-stitching project. Loved seeing the pic of the three of you–glad you had the meet-up!

  2. It was fun to see and hear from y’all the day you were all together. Thank you for tweeting and now blogging. I agree with you about staying at a show for a few days, also Disneyland.

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