Art Square Block Completed!

Well, I have to say this one was a fairly easy block, especially compared to the previous block! (And the upcoming block, but we won’t go there yet.) And yet it still puckers a little. Ah, well.

The first step in sewing the block together was to sew two triangles onto each of the paisley squares to make corner triangles. I had taken a picture of that, but for some reason my computer decided that that particular picture was unreadable. (Hmmm! Is it possible that buying a refurbished camera was not such a hot idea? If this happens very often, I will conclude that that is true.)

Next I sewed two corner units to opposite sides of the big square.

And, of course, if you haven’t guessed already, the final step was to sew the last two corner units in place. 

I am, of course, second guessing the big shiny gold square in the middle of this block. And the fact that this block isn’t so very square. And the fact that if I sew it to any other blocks the points will be cut off. Hmmm. Maybe this wasn’t such an easy block after all.

Seriously, though, I do like the way it turned out; it is just very different in mood than the two previous blocks. It’s also shinier. I kind of like that part.

It may be a while until I get to the next block. I’m working every day this week and next week. Normally, that would be a good thing because I frequently have down time during my work hours and can use some of it for piecing, but these two weeks I’m spending revising the help docs that I have produced for student use in anticipation of the upcoming school year. Also, this week is VBS at church every evening so I’m not really able to do the cutting for the next block until next week. We have an out of town wedding to go to over the weekend, so the weekend is out for that kind of productivity also.

So until life slows down a little, behave and quilt away!

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3 thoughts on “Art Square Block Completed!

  1. Love your gold in the middle, I think it provides nice contrast and ‘pops’. One thing I did notice, and maybe it’s just the pic, but it doesn’t look like you have a 1/4 inch of fabric beyond the points on the gold, so when you join it to another block or other fabric, it will cut the points off of the gold fabric. Again, it may be there but not showing in the photo.

  2. Pretty block! Hmmm, wonder what happened with the points? I hate when happens (and it does happen!) Sounds like you’re going to be busy! That was me last weekend – not one stitch taken – too much life getting in the way!

  3. I like paisley but my husband hates it so I don’t own any at the moment (I’m just in the habit of thinking, “Paisley–nope,” whenever I see it because he has a strange but vehement aversion to it)–so I enjoyed seeing that little hint of paisley in the corners!

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