Beginning La Passacaglia

As I mentioned earlier, I did not get any hand piecing prepped in time for last week’s Michigan football game. Yes, I did make a lot of progress going through stacks of magazines and dismantling them, but I wasn’t going to be able to work on those when I drove my DH to his meeting on Tuesday evening, so I had to get my pieces prepped by Tuesday evening. This involved really learning to use Inklingo and becoming comfortable with it.

Are you shaking your head in confusion? I don’t blame you. I like hand piecing. I like it a lot. Maybe that would indicate that I should like English Paper Piecing but, to be perfectly honest, it is just not me. I find it tedious and it seems to me to lack precision. (Just so you don’t picture me as a type A person or anything, I guarantee that quilting is the only part of my life where I crave precision!) I also don’t like the idea of whipstitching an entire quilt together. Or taking out all the papers afterwards. (Yeah, I know. I like regular paper piecing and the taking the paper out there doesn’t bother me. Am I supposed to make sense? Really?

Back to Inklingo. Several months ago I had tried to begin printing the pieces on the dark fabric, but wasn’t having any success. The freezer paper kept coming off (my first hint that my Oliso iron wasn’t doing its job as well as it had been) and I couldn’t see the printing. Any of it. So I emailed Linda Franz, the awesome creator of Inklingo, and her answer was to print on the freezer paper instead of the fabric on the dark fabrics because you really don’t need the stitching lines on both pieces of fabric. So, that’s what I did.

I also got better about following directions and printing test pieces so that I would know what color ink to use for each fabric. That helps a lot.

So by Tuesday evening, I had some pieces prepped. Here’s what I got done:


The inner star. Yeah, I know. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to fussy cut this, but I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I want to mess with that yet.img_4956

The ring around the inner star.img_4957The first wreath for around the inner star. Today I will start with joining this to the center and move on to making the next wreath of stars.

What are you working on this weekend?

Quilt on!

One thought on “Beginning La Passacaglia

  1. Goodness, I am super excited for you! Literally, my heart is beating faster now! I also love hand piecing, so I totally get how you feel. I’d LOVE to say I’ll do it with you, but I know right now would be the worst timing for me 🙂 I have so many unfinished tops… On the other hand I spent most of my summer at other peoples houses, and I had so much time I would’ve been able to finish most of the top by now. Kicking myself right here!!!
    So, a tip! When I do English paper piecing (with plastic templates mind you) I take out all the templates that have been sewn to on all sides. Not sure if you follow, but it’s like when a flower has a middle, and I’ve sewn all 6 petals on, I take the middle out. This way I don’t end up having to take everything out at the same time, but I do it gradually as I make progress. I do the same with foundation paper piecing.
    I’m so looking forward to your progress! And P.s.: I hope you get the fussy cutting down, that fabric would look fabulous fussy cut!!!

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