Blocks on Monday – Appliqué with Attitude

First of all, if you are looking for my giveaway of an issue of Australian Patchwork and Quilting, you can find it here. I know it is not the most exciting giveaway, but it is something for free so…

Now, on to the business of today. In keeping with last week’s appliqué theme, this week we are looking at Appliqué with Attitude from Piece O’Cake Designs: 10 Projects Featuring Big, Bold Stitches by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins. (Yes, that title is a mouthful! And, yes, this is an Amazon affiliate link that follows here.

Now, if you have been a reader of my blog for any length of time, you know that I am a bit intimidated by appliqué and the intricacy of it. One of the things I have always liked about Piece O’ Cake designs patterns is that they look so achievable. Even by me. The designs in this book are no exception.

This is a book of hand appliqué, although not your grandmother’s hand appliqué. The attitude from the title is provided by using perle cotton in a contrasting color to stitch the some of the appliqué pieces down with some deorative stitches. There. I’ve given the secret away.

The book starts with a dedication and an introduction, and then continues with a list of basic supplies, a section on color, value and contrast, then the 10 projects, then some basic quiltmaking instructions followed by general appliqué instructions, instructions for the appliqué stitches used in the projects, and a section on quilting with perle cotton. It is very well illustrated and easy to understand.

I think my favorite project is Daisy Doodles followed closely by Twirly Table Topper. Daisy Doodles is also found on the back cover of the book. I even like the colors used in both of these samples.

Give it a look!

Quilt on!

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  1. This one I’m thinking about buying actually. How lovely you reviewed it today. I’m always looking for new ideas about perle cotton big stitch quilting as I love doing it.

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