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My first quilt for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival this fall is the quilt that I made for my nephew’s and new niece’s wedding. I guess now that they are officially married I’ll change the name of the quilt to Rob’s and Kristina’s Starfield. The quilt is based on the quilt called Starfield by Felice Regina at Sew Scatterbrained. And by based on, I mean it is the same quilt but with lots of extra white space to bring it up to queen-sized.

When we got the word that Rob and Kristina were planning an October wedding (back at the end of June), I immediately started communicating with them about what kind of quilt they wanted. I sent Kristina a link to my Quilty Gorgeousness Pinterest Board so they (she, really, as these things usually go) could give me an idea of what they liked. She sent me the Starfield picture and another that was all rectangles and squares. I immediately went about finding a pattern for Starfield (I bought it on Craftsy) and trying to decide how to enlarge it to be a queen-sized quilt, because (to me anyway) if you’re making a wedding quilt it should fit on a bed. Just my own quirk.

The first part that I made (in blue with a touch of rose, per Kristina’s request) was the center block. I posted this picture on Facebook without mentioning who it was for or anything. The first person to like it was Kristina. I figured this was a good sign.


Meanwhile, I was trying to decide whether to add more blocks to the quilt or more white space. I forged ahead making the blocks even before I made that decision. The original design has nine blocks so I made those. First up was four of these:


Then came the last four, which were these:


I love all these star blocks! They are so gorgeous. I am not sure I won’t use some of these again in other quilts.

Here are the 9 blocks on the design wall:


I decided that I really liked the idea of more white space rather than more blocks. (I guess somehow I seem to becoming a more modern quilter in my old age.) I figured the easiest way was to add white to all the blocks to make them about 30″ each.  Once I had done that, the top was too big for me to easily photograph it before sending it to Yessant Habetz at Sewing Habit, LLC for longarming. I couldn’t afford the time or cost of custom quilting (and my free motion quilting skills are nonexistent) so I went for a pinwheel vine-looking overall pattern. Here it is (the backing fabric is actually dark blue):


I spent all last weekend binding this baby. Monday was its bath day and there were a few moments of crisis after the first wash when I saw some blue running around some of the stars in spite of using 2 Color Catchers in the wash. I immediately (without drying) threw it back into the laundry with 4 Color Catchers and it came out perfect. What a relief! (The 4 Color Catchers were still pretty blue however!)

Here it is on the chair in the living room before I managed to cram it into a large (what a misnomer!) flat rate priority mail box for its trip to Arizona.


Here it is on the railing where all my quilts pose at one time or another:



But here is the best picture! Here are the newlyweds (the wedding was last night) holding their quilt! (I’m not sure why the lovely Kristina is hiding behind the quilt, but she is a bit shy.)RobandKristinasQuilt

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Quilt on!

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  1. I love how the traditional star blocks are “expanded”, and they are really in the spotlight with all the added white! You have made a really beautiful quilt! Well-loved newlyweds 🙂

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