Blogger’s Quilt Festival, Spring 2013

Welcome to my post for the Spring 2013 Blogger’s Quilt Festival.

If you’re not a regular visitor, let me tell you one reason you might want to come back on May 27th – I’ll be hosting a book giveaway as I celebrate my birthday. And the book is a good one. That’s all the teaser I’m giving! Now, back to the issue at hand.

The quilt I’m showing is actually two quilts which, in our family, we call the sister quilts. They are two quilts made from the same pattern in very different colors and fabrics, which I made for my daughters for Christmas last year. Both quilts measure 50″ x 70″ and were quilted by me on my home machine.

I got the idea for these quilts when I was attending the Grand Rapids AQS show last summer. One of the vendors (Hearts to Holly Quilt Shop) had bundles of 12 fat quarters which they called Holly Bunches that could be used to make a quilt. If you bought two Holly Bunches, you got a free pattern to use with them. The first Holly Bunch that caught my eye was a pink and gray bunch (with way more gray than pink, so I had to change that a bit) which screamed my oldest daughter at me. Then I turned around and saw a blue, black and white bundle that reminded me of a couple of different sundresses my youngest daughter had purchased. So I bought them both to make for Christmas for them. And, of course I got a free pattern, called Sit and Spin designed by someone connected with the shop.

First up, the pink and gray quilt. (Sorry that the color is so off. A truer representation of the colors show up in the following two pictures.) The original bundle had 10 grays and two pinks so it was really a gray quilt with a little pink. I swapped out some of the grays for pinks so that it was half and half. I also didn’t use the strips from the original pattern. The borders are one colorway of the Silk Road line. I am not even a decent machine quilter, so it is all stitch in the ditch, with the quilting from the pinwheel blocks duplicated in the solid blocks. (The backing, which you obviously can’t see) is from Kate Spain’s Cuzco line.)

The finished pink and gray quiltPink and gray quilt centerEven more ugly border quilting

Next, the blue and black quilt. (Once again, sorry the color is so off. It was the dead of winter, after all.) This is made exactly like the other quilt. The borders, backing and binding are even different colorways from the same lines. The blues are more royal blues than they look in this picture. as you can see in the pictures I posted after this one.



So there they are, the Sister Quilts, which is what the beautiful young women who are my daughters called them as soon as they realized how alike but different they are.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back for the Birthday Giveaway on the 27th!

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival, Spring 2013

  1. Both quilts look great. This is a perfect example of how fabric choices and colours can change a quilt. Great work.

  2. Your quilts are so pretty, I love the border fabrics! It’s good you had close-up pictures because I couldn’t tell what they looked like from the first ones.

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