Books on Monday – A Shortcut to Drunkard’s Path

Yes, I do realize that this is neither the second Monday nor the fourth Monday. It is, however, a day that happens only once every four years and it falls on a Monday so I thought that a celebration was in order. Plus, this is a guest book review from my friend Deb.

Back in the fall when I was letting you know I would be taking a bit of time off, Deb volunteered to write a book review. That book review arrived a week or so ago, so I wanted to share it ASAP. So without further ado, Deb’s book review:

Book Review – A Shortcut to Drunkard’s Path:
Easy Applique Curves
by Ann Frischkorn and Amy Sandrin

Hello, this is Deb writing for Gretchen this week.  I am going to share one of my favorite quilt patterns with you.  But first some background.

Gretchen and I met when I lived in Michigan 1996-2002.  I moved back to Ohio in 2002, and we have kept in touch via email, Facebook and visits back to Michigan.

Originally, I was just going to take photos and maintain the scrapbook for the quilt group at my church in Ohio.  But somewhere along the way, I felt pressured to try quilting.  I hated it at first, this need to be perfect, this need to be just exact as the leader of the group put it.  She and I had very different opinions of what was “good enough”.  Then I started the process to become a mom, and I wanted a quilt for my child, so I listened to one of the other ladies in the group who told me that “once I found a pattern I loved, the quilting would become easier”.  She was right, and I am glad I stuck with quilting.  I found a pattern for a kids quilt, and I have never looked back. After that quilt, I was looking for something else to start and wandered into my local quilt shop.

I bought this book in 2006 after browsing my local quilt shop.  I am not sure what about the book called out to me, perhaps it was the design on the front, but I know when I looked at the pictures and variations, I was hooked.  The bonus – no more exact cuts because this was an applique version where there are raw edges exposed, not a sewing curves version or folding under the raw edges.  WOHOOOO!!  I had great fun picking out fabric and then cutting circles- a project I could do in front of the TV!  One of these days I am going to do this quilt in flannel so I can rag it, but for now I am content to use this as my go to pattern when I need something quick and easy to do.

The book is set up with the following:
History of the quilt block
Starter block construction
Many faces of the drunkard’s path block (AKA- my favorite part)
Assembly and finishing
13 different quilt pattern/instructions
Circle patterns
About the authors

The main reason for buying/reading the book, is the section on various patterns (Many faces of the drunkard’s path block) that can be made with one block. With pages of examples to choose from, mixing and matching the patterns, the number of different quilts that can be made is almost infinite.  I have settled in on 2-4 variations that I like best so much so that when I took the 2012 Craftsy block of the month class and the drunkard’s path came up as a pattern, I switched both blocks to ones I liked from this book.

I spent the latter half of 2006 and the beginning of 2007 making 5 quilts all from the Drunkard’s path variations. These were to give to folks involved with bring my son home.  Below are pictures of 4 of those quilts and the 2 blocks I did in 2012.  The pattern for the quilts is “vines of friendship”.  I used it for one of the blocks of the month.   The second block does not have a name, but I think of it as “sunburst.”


Thank you so much, Deb!

Quilt on!

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  1. Thanks to Deb for the review. Drunkard’s path is a truly versatile pattern. I second what Jaye said above.

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