Books on Monday – a Twofer

This week we are looking at two books – Millefiori Quilts and Millefiori Quilts 2, both by Willyne Hammerstein. And that is not the only difference this week. This week there is no Amazon Associate link, because these books are not currently available on They can, however, both be purchased from Inklingo. Let me be more specific: Millefiori Quilts 2 is currently available from Inklingo, and the original is being reprinted and should arrive from France (yep, these books are imported and expensive) in the next couple of weeks.

How did I stumble on these expensive imported books and why did I scour the internet to find copies of them? It all started because I read quilty blogs. A couple of the quilty bloggers I read (Little Red Hen is one) are making a stunning quilt called La Passacaglia with Mr. Penrose, or La Passacaglia for short. There is apparently a quilt along happening for this quilt. Once I saw the beautiful rosettes they were making I scoured the internet for information about the pattern (spoiler alert: it’s an English Paper Piecing pattern). And I purchased a copy of the first book from Paper Pieces, but it is no longer in stock there, so I may have gotten her last copy. Once I’d gone through the first book and marked almost every single page as something I want to make, I ordered a copy of the second one from Inklingo. And when that book arrived, I marked almost every single page in it also! (If this sounds to you like I’m taking up EPP, you might be wrong. More about that in an upcoming post.)

These books are written in both French and English. They are published by Quiltmania in France on very high quality paper. They are stunning books. Not every quilt is an EPP quilt, but I believe all of them were hand pieced. And, yes, I am a fan girl.

Each book is set up with the French directions on the left page and the English directions on the right. And lots of illustrations to help. I haven’t tried any of the quilts yet, but I’ve read through them (in English anyway, my French is pretty much nonexistent at this point of my life) and I think they sound pretty followable.

The cover quilts on both books are my favorites from each book. For Millefiori Quilts, the cover is “La Passacaglia” and for Millefiori Quilts 2, the cover is “Ballet with Kaffe Fassett.”

Yes, I sound like a fan girl here, but I am. And, as expensive as these were, I feel like it was money well spent.

Quilt on!