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Here is another book on English Paper Piecing. This sure makes it look as if I’m thinking of trying my hand at it, doesn’t it. Don’t hold your breath. But I may try something that looks very like EPP. Anyway, back to today’s review.

Today’s book is All Points Patchwork: English Paper Piecing beyond the Hexagon for Quilts & Small Projects by Diane Gilleland. And, yes, that link below is an Amazon Affiliate link. I have to pay for overseas shipping somehow!

This is a beautiful book. It is the most thorough book I have yet read on how to do various shapes of EPP. The uses the author finds for EPP shapes and rosettes or flowers or stars is very inspiring. Which is her point in writing this book. There are no directions for specific projects, but there is lots of inspiration. And lots of information about how to actually do the process of EPP.  I am very happy to own this, even if I do not plan to really do any EPP in the near future.

Here is what you can find in this book, along with many pictures, of course:

  • Hello, EPP! (This is an introduction to both the book and EPP.)
  • Chapter 1: Tools and Materials
  • Chapter 2: Basic Techniques
  • Chapter 3: Building Your Own EPP Patterns (I find this one very exciting!)
  • Chapter 4: Working with Hexagons
  • Chapter 5: Working with Diamonds and Jewels
  • Chapter 6: Working with Triangles and Tumblers
  • Chapter 7: Working with Octagons and Pentagons
  • Chapter 8: Working with Curved Shapes
  • Resources
  • Acknowledgments
  • Sample EPP Templates
  • Index

This is not a short book. (224 pages.) It is not full of projects. Make sure you understand this so that you are not disappointed like the only one star review of this book on But if you want to become an EPP pro, this book will not disappoint you.

Quilt on!

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  1. I looked it up on Amazon, and it looks amazing! They have the look inside option, which shows she is using the same method I used with my Grandmother’s flower garden quilt, except instead of paper I used plastic templates. Thank you for the great review!

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