Books on Monday – Allie Aller’s Crazy Quilting

I seem to be on a crazy quilting kick, so this week we are looking at Allie Aller’s Crazy Quilting: Modern Piecing & Embellishing Techniques for Joyful Stitching by Allie Aller. (Weird how that works, isn’t it?) Below is the link for the book from Amazon, the Kindle version from Amazon, and following those a link for her Craftsy class, which I have purchased but have not yet completed.

Crazy Quilting with Allie Aller (There is no cool banner for the Craftsy class. Sorry!)

Let me just say from the beginning that this is a book that (as long as you can see Kindle books in color) is just as good on a Kindle as in paper version. I am always somewhat concerned that if I purchase a quilting book in Kindle version the templates won’t come out right or something. I tend to limit my Kindle quilting book purchases.

After writing last week’s review, I went to Amazon to purchase the 3rd edition of that book, and Amazon, in its ever so helpful way, suggested this book. Apparently I had no self-control (and I’ve wanted this one for a long time), and also purchased this.

I was originally going to review The Crazy Quilt Handbook, Revised: 12 Updated Step-by-Step Projects Illustrated Stitch Guide, Including Silk Ribbon Stitches (3rd Edition), but after looking at it, I decided that would be a very short review. Let me just mention here that if you are considering purchasing that book, make sure you purchase the third edition. Now, on to the review at hand.

Even if I never make a crazy quilt (which is a distinct possibility given how much I don’t like embroidery), I would want to own this book. It is beautiful. Stunning! Thorough! It makes crazy quilting a more modern endeavor than a Victorian project. If I were an art quilter or crazy about embellishments, this book would throw me over the edge into crazy quilting. (As it is, I still may get there!) The illustrations are gorgeous. Collecting the materials and tools looks like fun. Yeah, if only there weren’t any embroidery.

Let me just tell you what is inside since I’m already running late with this. (I got to involved in reading and looking at the pictures to get this done on time.

  • Dedication and Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • Collecting Your Materials and Tools    –   (a very inspiring section!)
  • Creating Your Own “Fabrics”    –  (or what to do with all your old clothes and scraps!)
  • Four Ways to Build a Crazy Block
  • Eye Candy: Embellishment!
  • Gallery of Inspiration   –   (Yes, it is!)
  • Projects   –   (There are six of these.)
  • Work in Progress: A Crazy Quilt from Start to Finish
  • In Conclusion
  • Suppliers
  • About the Author

As I browsed this book, it occurred to me that a crazy quilt round robin could be fun. Yeah, I know. Sounds weird. Maybe I’d better go shower and get dressed for the day.

Quilt on!

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