Books on Monday – Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars

Today we are looking at Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars: Deceptively Easy Quilts from One Block by Barbara H. Cline. What follows is indeed an Amazon Associate link. (Yes, I might gain a little cash from your purchase if you use that link. I did just have to renew the domain name for this blog. So thank you for helping!)

We all know that I’m a sucker for stars. (Did you see yesterday’s post?) I love stars. All stars. The stars in this book are certainly no exception. And all of the quilts are made using the same block (which is really a triangle shape which is not what I usually think of when I hear the word block). I love the quilts in this book, but I do have one problem (not with the book exactly). Here’s my problem: If you’re going to publish a book of quilt patterns that use the same block and,therefore, the same five templates, I think you should be marketing acrylic templates to go along with the book. I would buy those in a heartbeat. I searched the internet. As far as I can tell, they don’t exist. I really don’t want to make my own. Sigh. Back to the real book review.

Like Ms. Cline’s other books (all of which I own), this one begins with an explanation of the basics of this method of quilt construction. This includes directions for making the templates and using them to make the blocks. Then she moves into the projects – there are nine. And.. wait, let me just list the sections in the Table of Contents.

  • Introduction
  • Triangle Block Basics
  • Projects (as I mentioned, there are 9)
  • Other Design Ideas (includes a “grid page” which is basically a coloring sheet that you can copy and use to design your own quilts)
  • Patterns (the template patterns)
  • Quiltmaking Basics (you know what these are)
  • About the Author

Obviously, if you are using the exact same block to make all the quilts, color and value changes are going to be big. I really like the project that looks like a Tumbling Blocks quilt with stars. Actually, I like all the quilts. They have stars!

Quilt on!