Books on Monday – Appliqué Mastery

Apparently I’m looking at some appliqué books for a few weeks. Don’t ask me why. It’s just how it is. And don’t count on any organization by degree of difficulty either. There’s no rhyme or reason to this. It’s just coming.

Today we are looking at Appliqué Mastery: Create Your Own Quilt Masterpiece: Processes, Possibilities, and Pattern by Philippa Naylor. And, yes, that is the Amazon Associate link that helps support the podcast there!

This book is more a process than a project book, although Ms. Naylor does include the patterns to make the cover quilt. The first half of the book describes various forms of appliqué in great (and easy to follow) detail. The second half of the book describes how to make the quilt, Bird by Bird, broken down by months like a block of the month quilt. There are also, as you may imagine looking at the cover of the book, many templates for the quilt pattern included.

The techniques covered in this book are turned edge appliqué, satin stitch appliqué, blanket stitch appliqué, free motion appliqué, bias strip appliqué, and quilt edge finishes. These are all described as machine techniques, not hand techniques, just in case you were wondering.

Now, as you know, I keep saying I’m going to try appliqué, but I also keep avoiding it like the plague so we’ll see how much of this sinks in! But the quilt is gorgeous. Maybe someday!

Quilt on!