May 27

Books on Monday – Beautiful Botanicals

Welcome to another Books on Monday feature. The information about the giveaway will appear at the end of this post. Stay tuned.

This week’s book is Beautiful Botanicals: 45 Applique Flowers & 14 Quilt Projects by Deborah Kemball.

This is where I make my true confession. I love the look of applique, but I have never really done any. I am, however, building a decent collection of applique books, so I must be getting ready to try my hand at it, right? Or I’ll just keep looking at the pictures. Time will tell.

I have had my eye on this book for years. Well, at least since it came out in 2011. I love the look of Deborah Kemball’s Jacobean style of appllique flowers, and if I make them myself, I really enjoy looking at them in this book. The book contains a section on applique basics the way that Deborah Kemball does it; a section of flower and leaf patterns, and a section of project patterns. The flowers are all stunning and detailed. The projects (many of which are pillows) are the same. Deborah Kemball encourages use of the flower patterns to design original patterns, a feature I really appreciate. If you like the look of applique or are a dedicated applique quilter yourself, I highly recommend this book.

And now, on to the giveaway.

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Kimberly Einmo’s Precut Bonanza! 200 Pieced Blocks from Cut Strips and Shapes here on this blog. Today I find myself with a second copy of this book which I can give away. (We won’t go into details about how that happened. Just go with it.) So enter once a day via Rafflecopter for the next week to win this book.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Quilt on!


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  1. Emily C

    I tend to design my own patterns, so I have not made one of Kimberly’s.

  2. Carole Wool

    I hope you are enjoying your visiting and thanks for taking the time to post!

  3. Emily C

    Great looking book, love to add this to my collection. Have not made one of Kimberly’s patterns.

  4. Emily C

    Love Kimberly’s designs, have not made one yet.

  5. Emily C

    Looks great. I love applique and am eager to browse through this book.

  6. EngrSandi

    I haven’t made anything yet, but have one of her books and her Craftsy class. Coming up soon!

  7. Emily C

    Kimberly’s designs look lovely. Looking forward to adding this book to my collection =)

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