Books on Monday – Carol Doak’s Creative Combinations

Today we are looking at Carol Doak’s Creative Combinations: Stunning Blocks & Borders from a Single Unit by (not surprisingly) Carol Doak.

Although you don’t see anything in the title (other than Carol Doak’s name) to alert you to the fact, this is definitely a paper piecing book. It also has a huge bonus – a CD containing the Foundation Factory Special Carol Doak edition for resizing and printing paper piecing foundation. She also includes a white paper copy of the foundations at the back of the book.

The book begins with a gallery of the rectangular and corner units included in the book. After her introduction, there is a section describing ways these units can be used and how to use the software to print different sizes. This is followed by a section on tools, one on fabric (including information on how to decide the size patches needed to cut for paper piecing) and a section on paper piecing technique.

Then follows a two page spread for each unit, with pictures of ways to use each unit and a table of sized patches to cut for each color in the unit if you are using the printed size units from the book. And, of course, there are quilt patterns.

Even if I didn’t like any of the quilt patterns (but I do), I would keep this book because it’s main purpose is to help you design your own quilts and borders using these many units. I find this very exciting! And paper piecing lessons from the master never hurt anyone!

Quilt on!