Books on Monday – Celtic Pieced Illusions

This week we are looking at Celtic Pieced Illusions by Karen Combs. Yes, that is an Amazon Associate link as usual. (According to Amazon, I purchased this book on September 20, 2011, so you can tell I’ve had it awhile.)

I’m not sure why I purchased this book in the first place. I know that I really am not drawn to Celtic Quilts (although some of the designs make nice quilting patterns). I don’t think I will ever make an entire quilt from this book. What I may well do, however, is use some of the units she introduces in this book to make pieced borders for other quilts. And that is one reason I still own this book. The other reason is that there is quite a bit of good information in it and stuff to play with.

The book starts with an introduction, in which Ms. Combs discusses Celtic art, most especially Celtic Knots. Then it’s on to business.

  1. Chapter One – Let’s Play (This includes some worksheets to copy, cut out, and use to rotate sections to make different patterns. Sooooo much fun!)
  2. Chapter Two – Color & Value
  3. Chapter Three – From Design to Fabric
  4. Chapter Four – Sewing Hints
  5. Chapter Five – Patch Patterns (AKA templates)
  6. Chapter Six – Quilt Patterns (There are 14.)
  7. For Quilt Teachers
  8. Meet the Author
  9. Resources

And there you have it!

Quilt on!