Books on Monday – Clever Combo Quilts

Welcome to the first Books on Monday of 2017! Today we are looking at Clever Combo Quilts by Kimberly Einmo. As usual, the lovely link below is an Amazon Affiliate link.

This is basically a book of absolutely gorgeous patterns. (Yes, I do like them all. I think some would make awesome center medallions for really big quilts.) If you have ever taken a class with Kimberly Einmo, the instruction sections will sound familiar. Her teaching style really comes through in her writing in this book. The book is called Combo Quilts because each quilt is made with a combination of blocks. Kimberly identifies the difficulty level of each quilt with a pink pincushion graphic. She explains the history of the pink pincushion on a page facing the Table of Contents.

Speaking of the Table of Contents…

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Clever Combo Quilts at a Glance – This basically introduces the Combo Quilts concept and tells you a bit about the structure of the book.
  • Chapter One – Ready… – This discusses supplies you’ll need or that she suggests.
  • `Chapter Two – Set… – This chapter describes how to use those specialty rulers that she mentions in Chapter One and includes some very helpful charts.
  • Chapter Three – Sew! – These are the patterns, which include Kimberly’s awesome instructions.
  • Resource Guide
  • About the Author

And do I recommend this book? Heck yeah!

Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “Books on Monday – Clever Combo Quilts

  1. I am interested in this book as well. My library doesn’t have it. I would be interested in knowing why you like the books you recommend. You say Heck Yeah!, but why? It would also be useful if you passed along the publisher. Thanks.

    • Basically, I like the quilt patterns and how well Kimberly Einmo explains how to use the tools she uses. And this particular book is an AQS publication.

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