Books on Monday – Create Your Own Dream Feathers

Last week we looked at one book about creating feather quilting patterns, and this week we will look at one more, Create Your Own Dream Feathers by Peggy Holt.

Most of this book is instruction in doodling and then free motion quilting patterns. The emphasis is on free motion feathers, however, despite the nearly 20 pages of patterns at the end of the book. I do think that for the most part this book is more appropriate for machine quilting than hand quilting.

The book includes the following sections: an Introduction, some general instructions, a section on defining graceful feathers, a section describing what dream feathers are and how to make them, and the rest of the sections are about how to use the dream feathers in various shapes and patterns.

I am not sure I would use this to make hand quilting designs. The whole dream feather thing seems to be aimed at machine quilters, and I’m not yet one of those. I do think, however, that combining what I learned in this book and what I learned in Infinite Feathers Quilting Designs might allow me to create some interesting feather designs. And someday I will be a machine quilter. I think.

Quilt on!

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