Books on Monday – Diamond Chain Quilts

This week we are looking at Diamond Chain Quilts: 10 Skill-Building Projects ✦ Dynamic Star, Daisy & Pinwheel by Barbara H. Cline. It is the second of her books which I have purchased, but I have not yet reviewed the other one. (And, yes, the link below is through my Amazon Associate account.)

There are some very gorgeous quilts in this book, but the most interesting thing about this book is how it is laid out. The projects and directions are in order from least to most difficult, so that this book really is an education in how to make diamond chain quilts. Interspersed throughout the book are instructions, tips, and life lessons from some of Barbara Cline’s relatives.

These are the sections/chapters the book is divided into:

  1. Introduction – The Diamond Chain Block
  2. Diamond Basics
  3. Diamond Chains in Triangle Layouts
  4. Diamond Chains in Square Layouts
  5. Diamonds in Diamond Layouts
  6. Diamond Borders

Each section includes patterns so diamond chain skills can be practiced while producing something beautiful. The chapter on borders includes charts for figuring measurements for different border sizes and templates for all the quilts are included at the end of the book.

Pointy starry quilts? Chains of diamonds? Count me in!

Quilt on!