Books on Monday – Diamond Traditions

Yes, I’m afraid I’m a bit late again today. Sorry. Let’s get right to this week’s book.

This week we are looking at Diamond Traditions: 11 Multifaceted Quilts Easy Piecing Fat-Quarter Friendly by Monique Dillard. (Obligatory Amazon Affiliate warning about link below.)

This was one of my purchases during the recent spring sale at C & T Publishing’s website. I figured it was a pretty safe purchase because I was very happy with my other two Monique Dillard books Fat Quarter Winners and Traditional Fat Quarter Quilts . I am a big fan of Ms. Dillard’s quilt designs and the quilts in this book are no different.

I tend to judge how useful a quilt pattern book is by how many sticky flags I put in it. This one has nine flags. There are eleven patterns. See what I mean!

In addition to the patterns, I appreciate Ms. Dillard’s instructions. I find them easy to follow and thorough.

Yes, this book is a winner in my book!

Quilt on!

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  1. Glad to know you mark up your books, too! I also put sticky notes in mine, usually with scribbles all over them!

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