Books on Monday – English Cottage Quilts

This may have been one of the first quilt books I bought since the copyright date is 2004 and that is the year I began quilting. You can still find it through third party sellers on Amazon if you are interested. The book I’m talking about is English Cottage Quilts: 10 Charming Projects by Pamela Mostek. (Amazon Affiliate or Associate or whatever it’s called link below!)

The photography in this book is gorgeous. Charming really is the appropriate description of the photography as well as the quilts. The styling of the photographs gives a very English cottage garden feel to the book.

True confession: I have not made a single one of these quilts yet. I am not sure why. Many of them are exactly my kind of quilt. A few even have the patchwork and appliqué combination I love so much. Perhaps I haven’t made any yet because the ones I liked best looked a bit daunting for a newbie quilter. Since I am no longer that, maybe sometime in the near future…

The book begins with “An English Cottage Welcome” and “A Walk Through the Village.” The pictures in these two sections have the quilts popping up in them so you get a bit acquainted with them before you even see the patterns. Next come the ten patterns, followed by a brief section on “Creating the Vintage Look” followed by the obligatory section on how to make a quilt. None of the quilts is huge; most are throw sized so easily doable.

Quilt on!