Books on Monday – Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts

You knew this day was coming, right? I’ll bet you are surprised that it took me this long to get to it, but I did have all those  appliqué books to write about first. Yes, today it’s back to Judy Martin with her newest book, Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts.

Yeah, you knew I was going to get this one, didn’t you? Well, at least you knew it if you’ve read some of my other reviews of her books.

Not all the blocks in the quilts in this book are exactly what you picture when you hear the words “log cabin,” but they are all made from rectangle pieces like logs. In some of the quilts the widths of the logs All of the logs finish at one inch but the lengths are very creatively varied to make some very interesting patterns. The introductory material tells you all sorts of interesting (and handy) information about how to cut logs, piece log cabin blocks, and how to read Judy’s patterns. The patterns are written in Judy’s usual thorough style, with lots of variations for each pattern.

The quilts are amazing and there are many (maybe all of them) that I would like to make someday! You really need to see them, but, unfortunately, the Amazon link does not have the look inside feature for this book. Take my word for it, they are gorgeous and an awesome way to use scraps. Yep. This one’s a keeper!

Quilt on!

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