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It’s the second Monday in February. It’s the day before Valentine’s Day! It’s time to look at a book I love! Today we are looking at Fabricadabra – Simple Quilts, Complex Fabric: Discover the Hidden Potential in Your Stash by Paula Nadelstern. (Amazon Affiliate link below.)

Yes, it is also available in Kindle format here:

Normally for a book of this kind (a technique as opposed to pattern book), I might have chosen to save money and ordered the Kindle version, but this is a book by Paula Nadelstern. I am a huge Paula Nadelstern fan. I love her designs. I love what she does with fabric. This was going to have to be a book I held in my hands and gazed at lovingly. Because I will do this often.

This is not a book of patterns. In this book, Paula tells us how to use fabric to create very complicated looking quilts. If you’ve read any of Paula’s other books, you know that her kaleidoscope quilts are made by taking very tiny pieces of fabric and sewing them together to make identical wedges. It’s a very complicated process, and I realized long ago I would never do it. In this book, Paula is showing us how to use fussy cut fabric to do the same kind of thing.

This book begins with a stunning gallery of quilts made in this matter. Although no patterns are actually given, there are layouts for some of the quilts so one could actually try to make something similar. After the reader has drooled all over the quilts, Paula describes how the fabric is used to hide the seams and make these kinds of quilts. (Hint: it requires a lot of template plastic.) She describes it well enough that I might actually try some of this someday. Really.

Here’s the table of contents:

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Quilt Gallery – I love these quilts!!!!!!
  • Design Matters
    • Design Strategies
    • Fabric
  • Piece Policies
    • Tools
    • Templates
  • About the Author

Frankly, even if all you looked at in this book were the quilts, it would be well worth it.

Quilt on!

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