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Yes, I am aware that it is Tuesday (and maybe even Wednesday for some of you), but I thought I’d get this out there anyway. Starting today, Books on Monday will be happening only twice a month on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. I need to spend more time actually quilting than reviewing books. So mark your calendars accordingly.

Today we are looking at Foolproof Machine Quilting: Learn to Use Your Walking Foot Paper-Cut Patterns for No Marking, No Math Simple Stitching for Stunning Results by Mary Mashuta. The first link below is an Amazon Affiliate link to the paperback book version. The second link is for the Kindle version.

This book is a great companion to the two walking foot quilting classes I have recently viewed via the Craftsy platform (Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot and Next Steps With Your Walking Foot). The number of different kinds of motifs that she quilts with her walking foot is very impressive.

My one concern is that I don’t think (for me at least) I would feel very confident about trying some of her methods without having already watched Jacquie Gering’s videos on Craftsy. This may just be me, but I felt like some of the description or instruction in this book was unclear or lacking some detail. Especially the part about planning how to take your motif around a corner. I would really have appreciated more words with that one. Maybe a few more pictures too.

Not that this book lacks pictures! There are lots of pictures and examples of the quilting. My favorite line from the book is “Quilters are visual, and I know that some of you will only look at the pictures.” It explains why there are so many awesome pictures.

She does do an excellent job of explaining how she uses freezer paper and shelf paper to make her templates (and why) and how and why to use the walking foot for quilting. Her introductory and beginning pages are quite thorough. Maybe my real concern is just that I really needed a few more words or hints on how to round corners!

Anyway, here are the main sections of this book:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Why the Walking Foot for Quilting?
  • Chapter 2: What Can You and Your Machine Do?
  • Chapter 3: Selecting a Project and Supplies
  • Chapter 4: Preparing the Quilt Top
  • Chapter 5: Creating Your Own Quilting Designs
  • Chapter 6: Let’s Quilt!
  • Chapter 7: Bordering Your Quilt
  • Resources
  • About the Author

I know this is sort of a wishy washy back and forth review, but I do think the early chapters of this book are more helpful than the later chapters as far as thoroughness of descriptions. Maybe if you’ve worked your way through the first few chapters (and you’re not me) you don’t need as much as written description.

Quilt on!


3 thoughts on “Books on Monday – Foolproof Machine Quilting

  1. I reviewed this book a couple of years ago…. I first saw Mary on THE QUILT SHOW as she and her sister Roberta were being interviewed… Mary demonstrated the technique on the episode… that might give you a better idea of how to do the technique.

    I have used this technique when I first learned to quilt… I found it was an effective technique when I did a QUILT as YOU GO quilt. It works well on small projects but not so well on anything large as it requires a lot of pivoting ….. I later tried FMQing around the shelf paper motifs and with care and practice it worked pretty good…. JUST ANOTHER TOOL FOR YOUR TOOL BELT…


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