Books on Monday – French Braid Transformation

Today’s book is French Braid Transformation by Jane Hardy Miller. As usual, the link below is a link through my Amazon affiliate account (just giving you the disclaimer of course).

I have seen all of Jane Hardy Miller’s French Braid books at various times throughout my quilting career and have found them very interesting. (French Braid Quilts: 14 Quick Quilts With Dramatic Results and French Braid Obsession: New Ideas for the Imaginative Quilter are the other two that I have seen. Same link disclaimer.) I have always been intrigued but other quilting books enticed me to spend my money elsewhere. Until this book was included in C&T Publishing’s big spring sale, that is. Then this became one I really couldn’t pass up.

The quilts in this book are strippy (obviously) and many are scrappy. I was glad to see the scrappiness since I am looking for ways to use up my stash. I can see myself making many of these quilts at some point in the future. (For the record, I think Rat Race is my favorite.)

Before we get to the quilts themselves, however, there are a few pages of hints and tips. These mostly deal with working with strips and scraps and some borders. I am sure that many of these will be helpful when I actually get around to making one of these quilts. My favorite part of the construction section was the section on intersecting borders. These are quite attractive, and I can see myself using them on other quilts also.

As far as the quilts themselves go, I marked most of them. One of them, Stax, would be a quick quilt to make and is a great way to use large scale or novelty fabric. I’ll bet I make at least one of these – or use some of the parts in a quilt of my own design. As I mentioned before, Rat Race is my favorite, and Quick Celtic Not is also one I can picture myself making.

Do you have this book? Have you made any of these quilts? If so, send me a picture please! I’d like to see someone else’s take.

Quilt on!

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  1. Fortunately a friend has this book. I haven’t looked through it yet. It sounds interesting.

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