Books on Monday – Fresh Family Traditions

Today we are looking at another pattern book Fresh Family Traditions: 18 Heirloom Quilts for a New Generation by Sherri McConnell. You can find it in paperback by following the link below:

I have followed Sherri’s blog, A Quilting Life, for quite a while. During that time she has written two books (this is the second), contributed to a third book and become (with her daughter) a fabric designer for Moda. She is a busy lady!

I never purchased Sherri’s first book, A Quilting Life: Creating a Handmade Home, because a lot of the projects were things other than quilts. I am most likely going to purchase Scraps, Inc.Vol.1: 15 Block-Based Designs for the Modern Quilter, because I like a lot of the projects I see in the book. I just haven’t done the purchasing yet.

Sherri comes from a long line of quilters, and the designs in this book are inspired by quilts made by her grandmothers. (Some of whom have more than one “great” in front of the name!) Although I do not always “feel” Sherri’s fabric choices (many of which are more subdued than I would choose), her quilts are beautiful.

Scattered throughout the book are tips and short articles about inspiration. The short articles even have their own Table of Contents, which I really appreciate!

So, here are the sections in this book:

  • Introduction
  • Inspired by My Grandmothers (9 patterns in this section)
  • Inspired by Design and Fabric (the other 9 patterns are in this section
  • Quiltmaking Basics
  • About the Author
  • Resources

Here are the short inspiration articles:

  • Finding and Using Inspiration for Quiltmaking
  • Inspired Journaling
  • Inspired Studio Space
  • Inspired by Fabric
  • Inspiration Notebook

And that is this morning’s Books on Monday!

Quilt on!