Books on Monday – Fresh Pineapple Possibilities

This week we are looking at Fresh Pineapple Possibilities: 11 Quilt Blocks, Exciting Variations – Classic, Flying Geese, Off-Center & More by Jane Hall and Dixie Haywood. This is a book that I have had for a few months but had not yet reviewed it because I wanted to spend more time with it. Below is the obligatory Amazon Affiliate link.

Yes, I do seem to be kind of on a pineapple quilt kick. Certainly, I enjoyed my Pepper Cory Pineapple block class (which made the block far easier than I would have expected) and have been admiring Pineapple Blocks for years. It is a variation of a Log Cabin (kind of), and I love Log Cabin quilts.

This book is more of a technique book than a pattern book, although there are a couple of patterns here. (Actually, I have kind of called it “Everything You Wanted to Know About Pineapple Blocks But Were Afraid to Ask” when thinking about it.) There are also foundations you can print to make various Pineapple Blocks and their variations. And there are pictures of stunning pineapple quilts. Lots of stunning pineapple quilts.

So, what’s in this book? Gee, I thought you’d never ask!

  • Foundations, the Key to Success (talks about foundations and how to use them, also how to sew on them)
  • Demystifying the Pineapple Block: Construction (includes one project)
  • Planning and Design Choices (discusses some variations on the Pineapple Block too)
  • Color Play: Designs from Coloration
  • Variations Beyond Basics: Tweaking Components in the Block (getting fancy with the blocks, includes the books other complete project, an off-center Pineapple Block project)
  • Quilting: the Finishing Touch (some great suggestions here)
  • Drafting and Patterns (also gives you some idea of yardage requirements)

On page 62 (in the Variations chapter), I fell in love with the quilt pictured. It was made by Shirley Woods, designed by George Siciliano and is called Diamonds in the Rough. I fell so much in love with it that I bought the pattern. Because I need more patterns in my house. Sigh.

Quilt on!

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  1. Is this a follow up to Lynda Milligan’s Positively Pineapple? Is it related in anyway? Something about the book you review reminds of the Milligan book.

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