Books on Monday – Hand Appliqué by Machine

Sorry about missing the last couple of Mondays. I just didn’t have time to go through books and write some reviews. But this week I have one for you, Hand Appliqué by Machine by Beth Ferrier. Yep, we’re still looking at appliqué books. There’s a method to my madness. You’ll see next year. Oh, yes, and the following is an Amazon Affiliate link. Just so you’re warned.

This is not a new book. As a matter of fact, the copyright date is 2002. But I found it very interesting. If my problem with hand appliqué was the handwork part, this would be the perfect book for me. (More about this in a slightly later post, I promise.) The directions are very thorough and clearly written. The illustrations are very clear and helpful, and I like all of the projects. Yes, I may be working my way through this book soon!

Beth Ferrier self-published this book and did a very good job on it. I have a great respect for people who can produce such an excellent product on their own. I bought a used copy on She doesn’t even have it available on her website, although she does have a similar book (wait until next Monday) published by C & T. So, yes, I recommend this book!

Quilt on!