Books on Monday – Happy Endings

It’s the second Monday of April so it’s Books on Monday time. Today we are looking at an older book, one I’ve owned since 2009, before I ever even considered blogging. Today we are looking at Happy Endings: Finishing the Edges of Your Quilt by Mimi Dietrich. It is available in both paperback and Kindle versions so the links to both are below. (Yes, Amazon Affiliate links. Clicking them to purchase will help to support the blog.)

I purchased this book, as I previously mentioned, in 2009. I was a newish (about 5 years) quilter and thought this would come in very handy. I read through it and placed it on my quilting bookshelf. It was brought to my mind again last week when I asked for help choosing a binding color for my hearts quilt on Twitter and Facebook. My friend Carole replied she had a book I might like to see before I made a decision and about 15 minutes later she was at my house with the book. I took one look at it and realized that I already had this book. Not only that, but I had taken the Craftsy class with the same information. (Finishing Schools: Edges & Bindings, Mimi Dietrich is the name of the class and yes that is a link that will also help to support this blog.) It is among my favorite classes on Craftsy. I highly recommend it.

Back to the book itself – this is a must have book for anyone wanting to vary and improve their finishing techniques. It covers borders, quilting, and finishing the edges of your quilt. (Nope, it’s not all finishing the edges with binding!) Here are the contents:

  • A Happy Ending – by the founder of Martingale
  • Choosing a Happy Ending for Your Quilt
  • Border and Binding Terms
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Basic Border Techniques
  • Getting Ready to Quilt
  • Finishing Edges without Binding
  • Finishing Edges with Backing
  • Finishing Edges with Binding
  • Finishing Edges with Special Techniques
  • Final Touches
  • Stitching Guide
  • Index
  • About the Author

Yes, this is one highly recommended book. I wonder what other books I have in my basement that I should be reviewing.

Quilt on!

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