Books on Monday – Infinite Feathers

For the next couple of weeks we will be looking at books about feathers – quilted ones of course. This week we’ll be looking at Infinite Feathers Quilting Designs by Anita Shackelford.

(The above link for the book is, of course, an Amazon affiliate link which helps support my book buying habit which, of course, provides me with the material for these reviews. Okay, since this is a self-hosted blog, it also helps to pay for the hosting service.)

I’m starting with this one because I actually took this class with Anita Shackelford at the 2012 AQS Show in Grand Rapids. We spent the afternoon learning how to use her Infinite Feathers Template  which you can find by following the link. It was a lot of fun, but the template is not necessary – as the book mentions. Especially since the last 90 pages of the book are quilting patterns which you could copy and use.

In this book, Anita Shakelford shows you how to draft many different shapes of feather groups/patterns. She describes how to do these using her template, but she also lets you know how to do it without the template. After several different shapes to try out, she describes a few different ways to transfer the designs to the quilt top for quilting. And then following a gallery of quilts, there are also the 90 pages of patterns at the end of the book.

Obviously, this book is about making quilting designs you mark on your fabric, so it is good for both hand and machine quilters. Yes, for me it is a keeper. I’m actually about to use it to help myself design the quilting for the large blank parts of the wedding quilt, along with the stencils I purchased at the August Quilt Show.

Quilt on!

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