Books on Monday – Listen to Your Quilt

Today’s book review is Listen to Your Quilt: Select the Perfect Quilting Every Time – 4 Simple Steps by Barbara Persing.

I purchased this book a little over a year ago, because the title made sense to me. After all, there is a way in which it is sort of natural to let the quilt tell you what kind of quilting it needs, right? And, of course, this would apply to both hand and machine quilting. I have to admit that, to me at least, the four steps the author describes were not surprising (they were very common sense) – but I won’t list them here. But the examples are wonderful! However, there are so many lovely examples of quilting that I could look at them forever.

Here are the sections of this book:

  1. Introduction
  2. Developing Your Quilting Skills
  3. Four Steps to Choosing the Best Quilting
  4. Children’s/Youth Quilts
  5. Traditional Quilts
  6. Contemporary Quilts
  7. Art Quilts
  8. Quilting Designs

The chapter titles are so self-explanatory that I don’t think they need a description. The chapter on developing your quilting skills also had some very useful information, and some of the quilting designs in that section were new and interesting to me (although they are obviously mostly aimed at machine quilters). In the sections describing each type of quilt, the author includes the questions and answers for three of the four steps to give the reader an idea of how it all works, which is very helpful.

As I read over this, I’m afraid this sounds a little disjointed and boring. I guess I’m writing this when I’m too tired to make sense, but I have a deadline and they can’t all be gems. (Sorry, but it is what it is.)

Quilt on!