Books on Monday – Machine Quilting with Style

This is the last book review this calendar year, I’m afraid. The next couple of months are going to be busier than usual, so I need to scale something back! Plus, I’m running low on books to review & my local library does not stock many quilting books. Sigh.

Be that as it may, today’s selection is Machine Quilting With Style: From Walking-Foot Wonders to Free-motion Favorites by Christa Watson. The first link below is to the book version. The second is to the Kindle version. And, yes, as usual both are Amazon Affiliate links.

This is where I confess that I hesitated to review this book once I realized that Christa is a Twilter (a quilter on Twitter or the Twilter FaceBook page), because I worried about the possibility (before spending much time with the book, that is) that the projects wouldn’t appeal to me and I’d feel like the quilting lessons/directions were redundant with all the books I have.


I started looking at this book yesterday morning and polished it off this morning. Okay, true confession: I did not read every word of the directions for each project. I don’t always do that when I’m doing a project, so why would I do that for a review?

Next true confession: There are a couple of projects I do not think I would ever make because wonky (even the tiniest bit) makes me cringe. (I am not sure how I ever became a precise person because basically I am lazy, but there it is. Can’t. Do. Wonky. Not even a teeny tiny bit.)

Next true confession: There are a couple of very modern projects in this book that I am very tempted to try at some point. Not in the near future mind you, but someday. When did I become this modern?

In case you haven’t noticed this already, this review is a bit different than my usual reviews. I’ll list the sections at the end of it, but for now I’ll just tell you what this book seems to have done for me. As in, I think it is going to save me money.

Having come to the difficult decision that this year’s church quilt is not going to be finished in time for the church auction, I decided to quickly put together a machine quilted throw-sized quilt and then have it longarmed so there is at least some kind of quilt in the auction. That is almost assembled and you’ll see pictures in a later blog post.

But today as I was looking more closely at Christa’s book and all of the different walking-foot quilting ideas, it suddenly occurred to me that I have my new machine and I haven’t even tried out the Mu-Vit™ foot yet. And maybe I should. And save the quilting money. (You may or may not remember that with my previous machine I had some bad experiences with my walking foot that led to me doing straight line quilting without a walking-foot.) So maybe what this book has done for me is give me the confidence to actually quilt this quilt myself. Or the inspiration or something like that. Stay tuned for the quilt reveal later this month (or week, if I’m really disciplined).

What it (unfortunately) hasn’t done is basted the quilt for me. I hate basting.

What is inside this book:

  • Introduction
  • You Can Be the Quilter
  • Walking-Foot Wonders (Here’s where I start since I have not yet mastered feeling comfortable with free motion quilting!)
  • Free-Motion Favorites
  • Finishing Touches (A few quilting basics in case you missed them somewhere in your quilting education.)
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author

Quilt on!

5 thoughts on “Books on Monday – Machine Quilting with Style

  1. This book looks interesting, especially since it includes walking foot quilting ideas. You are a brave woman, thinking about doing the church quilt yourself! Thank you for the review and I look forward to many more in the new year!

  2. It is so great when a book changes the way you think about something, I can’t wait to see the quilt you quilted!

  3. Did you know? There are 7 days in the calendar week, and someday is not one of them 🙂 I know, I know…. I also had a beef with my walking foot for years. It just did not work, period. I even took the extra step and took the machine to a singer service repair guy. He told me there’s nothing wrong with the machine, but I still couldn’t get it to work. When I bought a new machine it came with a walking foot, so I tried again. And it worked! When I compared the 2 feet closely I realized that a part of the other foot was missing which caused the problem. Now I pay attention every time I put it on the machine and make sure all the parts are there. And it still works 🙂 Hope you will give it a try, and your pocketbook will thank you!
    Can’t wiat to see your quilt finished!

  4. Maybe your readers could guest post book reviews? You would only have to post it, while others write the review. Yes, with this suggestion, I am volunteering to write one or 2.

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