Books on Monday – Machine Quilting

Today we are looking at an oldie but a goodie: Machine Quilting: A Primer of Techniques by Sue Nickels. Amazon Associate link follows.

Yep, this one has been in my collection for awhile now. I just haven’t used it. I pulled it out to look at it again because I am taking a quickie (half day) class on this subject from Sue Nickels Saturday at the AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids. I am planning to start doing some free motion quilting. Really. (Yeah, don’t ask about the appliqué. It’s coming soon. Honest. I just need to finish a bit more stuff first.)

First, this was published in 2003. Now, that doesn’t seem to matter to the techniques, but maybe a little of the written information sounds a bit dated. Or maybe not and it is just me knowing how old the book is.

Book Sections

  1. Introduction
  2. Machine Quilting History
  3. Long-Arm Machine Quilting (by Helen Smith Stone)
  4. Section One: Supplies (includes a very helpful description of the different types of machine needles)
  5. Section Two: Techniques (includes many designs to trace and practice, all of which I plan to do)
  6. Section Three: The Actual Quilt (how to choose quilt designs for a quilt, etc.)
  7. Section Four: Projects (four of them – accent on the quilting)
  8. Bibliography
  9. Products
  10. About the Author

Despite the publication date, this book is going to be very helpful to me. And, yes, I plan to use it. And, yes, I recommend it highly.

Quilt on!


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