Books on Monday – Midnight Quilts

Since my C & T order arrived, this week’s book is Midnight Quilts: 11 Sparkling Projects to Light Up the Night by Lerlene Nevaril.

I have had my eye on this book for quite a while because bright colors against black backgrounds really appeal to me. I really enjoyed looking at the quilt gallery and many of the eleven quilt patterns in this book.

The book begins with an introduction, followed by the obligatory how to make a quilt section. (Yes, that sounded sarcastic, but I really did find a couple of tips there that I had either forgotten or never knew.)

The eleven projects follow the construction section. The instructions are quite brief but include lots of pictures so they are definitely easy to understand. There are also tips interspersed among the instructions.

The projects section is followed by the Gallery of Quilts section. These are pictures of gorgeous quilts with dark backgrounds but without instructions for how to make them.

The last two sections are a brief list of resources and a section about the author.

And in case you were wondering, there is at least one quilt in here that I definitely want to make – “Wyoming Valley” on page 14. I’m also interested in “Bear’s Paw Beauty.” And there is at least one table runner pattern I might want to look into trying. So, yes, this is a keeper, at least long enough to make a couple of quilts.

As for you..

Quilt on!