Books on Monday – Mini-Mosaic Quilts

Today we are looking at Mini-Mosaic Quilts: 30+ Block Designs 14 Projects Easy Piecing Technique by Paula Doyle. (Warning: the link below is an Amazon Associate link which will help support this blog if you click on it.)

You know how much I like blocks with little pieces? Well, this book scares me. (You did see the word “mini” in the title, right?) Once I have finished up some UFOs and WIPs, I really have to try some of these techniques and patterns. I have not tried these techniques yet, so, although they look good to me, I can’t really attest to how well they work to produce awesome tiny pieces and blocks. However, I plan to try them so I will probably post about it later.

Paula Doyle explains her techniques clearly in her instructions and has tips scattered throughout the book. There are plenty of illustrations accompanying the directions.

I love and hope to make many of the projects in this book! Unfortunately, Amazon does not have a Look Inside for this book, so you can’t see them. I am expecially enamored of the badge holder and hope to make one before my next use of a badge.

Here is what the table of contents contains:

  • Introduction
  • Making the Mini-Mosaic Fabric Tiles
  • Making the Mini-Mosaic
  • Little Tile Mini-Mosaic Projects and Patterns
  • Big Tile Mini-Mosaic Projects and Patterns
  • Projects Continued
  • Afterthoughts
  • About the Author

 Quilt on!