Books on Monday – More Adventures with Leaders and Enders

Today we are looking at More Adventures with Leaders and Enders: Make Even More Quilts in Less Time by Bonnie Hunter.

I’ll start with a confession here. No, not the usual disclaimer about the Amazon Associate link above, although that is still the case. No, this confession is that I have never done leaders and enders, never even looked at the first book. (By the way, the best place to order that first book is Bonnie’s own website, where you can look at the quilts in the book and the book is less expensive than on And, yes, I just ordered a copy.) Yes, I’m late to the party and, yes, I’m still wondering if I can be organized enough to use that technique. However, there are a lot of quilts that I like in this book, so I bought it. Maybe someday I will really get organized, and then who knows how many quilts I’ll make! And maybe I’ll even use the leaders and enders technique. Okay, on to the review, although I already gave away the gist of it! Sigh.

This is Bonnie’s sequel to her original book about leaders and enders. However, she doesn’t assume that the reader knows all about how the whole leaders and enders thing works. She begins by explaining it along with some tips, and continues by introducing several absolutely gorgeous scrappy quilts. (I like most of these quilts a lot, although the Cheddar Bowties quilt will most likely not be made by me because I am a fan of neither the color cheddar nor the bowtie blocks. Lucy’s Baskets will probably also not be one I make because I’m not a fan of baskets.) Her directions are thorough and generally easy to follow.

Here’s what’s in the book:

  • Dedication and Acknowledgements
  • Foreward
  • Contents (with quilt picture hints)
  • Just What Are Leaders and Enders
  • Basic Sewing Guidelines
  • Projects (12 of them, including Easy Street and Lazy Sunday, two that started as mystery quilts)
  • About the Author
  • Resources

My guess is that the first quilt I make from this book will be Scrap Crystals, as it is one of the reasons I purchased this book.

Quilt on!

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  1. Torie is making Scrap Crystals as leaders and enders, too! I found the book with the Orca Bay quilt in it, which I love, thank you for the links! I didn’t know Bonnie had photos of her book quilts up on her website. Good to know 🙂

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