Books on Monday – More! Hand Appliqué by Machine

Last week we looked at the original book on this topic by Beth Ferrier. This week we are looking at More! Hand Applique by Machine: 9 Quilt Projects, Updated Techniques, Needle-Turn Results Without Handwork by the same author.

If you read last week’s review, this will sound very familiar. Beth Ferrier has updated some of her equipment and details, but this is the same basic technique as in last week’s book. Her instructions are very easy to follow – she has a gift for giving directions! Her projects are carefully designed to teach the techniques a step at a time and the techniques used in each project build upon the previous project.

So, really, the main difference between the two books is the projects. (Well, and the fact that the first book was self-published and this one is published by C & T.) A person would not have to purchase both books unless she or he wanted both sets of projects.

But one of them would be a good addition to the bookshelf of a quilter who wants to do some machine appliqué. I highly recommend it.

Quilt on!