Books on Monday – New English Paper Piecing

Yep, it is another book about EPP. Sigh. Does this look like a trend? Unfortunately, it does. But I still maintain I will NOT BE DOING ANY EPP IN THE NEAR FUTURE! I can promise you that.

So this week’s book is New English Paper Piecing: A Faster Approach to a Traditional Favorite by Sue Daley. And, yes, that is the usual Amazon Affiliate link below:

Note the “faster approach” in the subtitle. I’m always up for a faster approach. As long as it is still precise. I do like to be fairly precise and I do like little fiddly bits. Hmmm. Just not fond of paper.

The author combines EPP and appliqué in her quilts, and they are gorgeous. She does have a couple of tricks to make the EPP go faster, but it would be rude of me to tell you what they are. Just let me say, I think they save time but not enough for my taste. And they still require whip stitching.

She has many different shapes she uses in these quilts. There is one bed runner with double wedding rings made of pentagon shapes. Very attractive! She also has a few shapes I’ve never seen before. And these projects are gorgeous! All of them. If you think of EPP as only hexagons (and you shouldn’t after my last few book reviews), this book will show you many other shapes you can EPP. (Have I gushed enough about the designs in this book yet?)

So what is in this book?

  • Introduction
  • Tools & Equipment (Some of these may surprise you!)
  • English Paper-Piecing Techniques
  • Appliqué Techniques
  • Finishing Your Quilt
  • Projects (Have I mentioned that I love them?)
  • About the Author
  • Resources

If you like EPP and want some interesting and different patterns, this book is for you. I’m working on figuring out how to do some of these without the paper, because that is what I do. This is definitely a book I will keep, because I love these patterns. I’m sure I can figure something out! At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Quilt on!