Books on Monday on Thursday – Scrappy Firework Quilts

Yes, I know today is Thursday, but the title of this book lends itself to being a Fourth of July special so.. bonus post! Today’s book is Edyta Sitar’s Scrappy Firework Quilts – A Blast of Strips, Scraps & Triangles.

I confess to having picked this up solely because I like the cover quilt. Someday, once I learn to applique and get brave enough, I think that quilt is in my future. In much brighter colors though. And maybe I’d change out one of the flowers in the applique. But enough about me. On to the book.

The book starts with an intro to Edyta Sitar, moves to a technique for making an eight pointed star, binding, fusible applique, half square triangles, (using her triangle paper), and strip panels before finally arriving at the quilt patterns.

The patterns themselves appear to be very well written and thorough, although I can’t really guarantee that because I haven’t tried any of them yet. But they are scrappy and I may try several in my attempt to bring my stash under control and thin it out for when we have to move out of here and downsize. (Horrors!)

If you are a modern quilter, this book is probably not for you, but if you like making quilts with lots of little pieces…

Quilt on!

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  1. Thanks again, Gretchen. I enjoy your reviews and bookmark them for later. use.

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