Books on Monday – Patches of Blue

I almost called this Books on Monday, Christmas Edition because that is what today is, but I have a naming convention for these posts so here it is. I hope that you are having a very happy Christmas today, if in fact you are reading this today. If you aren’t and you celebrate Christmas, I hope it was a very happy one!

Today we are looking at Edyta Sitar’s latest book, Patches of Blue: 17 Quilt Patterns and a Gallery of Inspiring Antique Quilts. Although Edyta’s color taste and mine are frequently very different, I like her designs. And of course this book is blues, so our taste differences don’t apply here. And, yes, the link below is the usual Amazon affiliate link.

There are some beautiful quilts in this book. Following the Introduction, there is a 30 page Gallery of Inspiration, blue and white or off white antique quilts. There are many gorgeous quilts of different styles here. Stunning!

This is followed by the 17 gorgeous patterns. Each pattern is well illustrated and the directions are easy to follow. I will admit that sometimes I wouldn’t make some of the units the way Edyta Sitar does, but following her directions on other patterns has always worked for me. And so many of her patterns have my favorite little pieces in them, so there is that. And who doesn’t love blues and neutrals? I certainly do.

The patterns include both tiny piecing and appliqué patterns. And some that are a mixture of both. If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you know that I love quilts that include both piecing and appliqué. And, yes, I can see myself making many of these quilts or using parts of these patterns in other patterns. I’m especially fond of the two table runner patterns on page 110. I can see myself making both of those.

So this one is two thumbs up!

Quilt on!