Books on Monday – Patchwork Among Friends

Yes, this is the fourth in a string of Judy Martin book posts. (It’s all Jaye’s fault for making me watch the video I linked in this post.) This one is Patchwork Among Friends: From Patterns to Potlucks. And yes, that means more recipes.

The focus of this book is quilter get-togethers and quilts that can be made and food that can be eaten at them. The first section of the book describes various types of quilter meetings that could take place. Then Judy has a section on basic quilt making skills and some information about the patterns. Then the stunning quilt patterns follow, with the recipes interspersed throughout.

As usual, the patterns are very detailed and all include directions for various sizes of quilts. Since this book is much more recent than the last two I reviewed (2011), the designs are more intricate looking than some of the previous two weeks designs. One of the most creatively different designs in this book is the quilt called “Thanksgiving” that is a rings of leaf blocks wit a border of leaf blocks. There is a similar quilt, “Summer Holiday,” with rings of stars.

If you only want to purchase one of the last three books (not counting Judy Martin’s Log Cabin Quilt Book), this would be the one I recommend. I love these quilts – and have already thought of some modifications or changes to make them more mine. So, grab a Judy Martin book and

Quilt on!