Books on Monday – Patchwork Plus

I’m later than I like to be in getting this posted which is ridiculous because I spent all weekend telling myself to get this post written and scheduled! What a slacker!

If you see anything about new books and have read many of my posts about appliqué, maybe you expected this already. Today we are looking at Patchwork Plus: Easy One-Block Quilts with Seasonal Appliqué by Geralyn J. Powers.

I say this, of course, because I have admitted that I am a big fan of patchwork and appliqué together in one quilt. And I absolutely adore the cover quilt! Actually, there are several quilts in here that I can picture myself making. But I’m a little bit ahead of myself. Let’s look at the sections in this book before I get too carried away.

  1. Introduction
  2. Fabric Selection – only 1 1/12 pages so not very detailed.
  3. Basic Quiltmaking Techniques – focuses more on specific skills for the quilts in this book than really basic skills.
  4. Projects – There are nine of them, and I can picture myself making almost all of them or using some the appliqué patterns from all of them in something. Yes, I’m a fan.
  5. About the Author

So, you may have noticed that I like this book. Yep. You can see many of the projects in the Look Inside if you follow the Amazon Affiliate link above. Yep, I highly recommend this book for the projects!

Quilt on!