Books on Monday – Picture Piecing Traditional Quilts

Today we are looking at Picture Piecing Tradional Quilts by Cynthia England. Nonnie mentioned this book and method in her most recent podcast, so you might get a more complete feeling from someone who has actually tried this method. (Just for the record, I totally agree that the maple leaves do not really look like maple leaves from a healthy tree.) Yes, Amazon Affiliate link below alert!

I purchased this book because I am apparently still trying to avoid appliqué but wanting the look of appliqué. I’m starting to think I should just give up and learn to do the stinking appliqué. Seriously. I was not attracted by the maple leaf but by the rosebud and violet shapes. And some of the actual quilt patterns also.

The book starts with an Introduction, and then goes on to cover Traditional Basics (the regular stuff you need to know to make any quilt with a few additions) and Picture Piecing Basics. Having read through it a couple of times, I think I know how this works, but I probably won’t really know until I try it. And it does look complicated. But I still want to try it, maybe with the rosebud or the violet, whichever has the fewest pieces. Then we’ll see how that goes. I need to watch some of the video demos on her website. (I should mention here that she also has corrections to errata listed for this book, which I printed out and stuck in my book for future reference.)

Once the book covers the Picture Piecing Basics, it goes on to present the many projects. There are three Picture Pieced elements introduced and some traditional blocks are also used in the projects. Many of the projects have flags on them in my copy of this book, so that tells you something about how I feel about the designs.

If you’re up for trying something new, here’s an interesting place to start.

Quilt on!