Books on Monday – Pieced Flowers

Today we are looking at a very scary book – Pieced Flowers by Ruth B. McDowell. This is from all the way back in 2000!

There are all sorts of stunning pieced flowers in this one. (Maybe that’s to be expected in a book with this title!) Note, not paper pieced. Just pieced. Some with curves and very tiny pieces. And that is what makes this book scary to me. All those little pieces and templates (which is how you make the little pieces). Not a fan of templates.  I wish these were paper pieced – not that they all could be.

The book starts with a Preface, gorgeous pictures of the flower blocks (all of which have a curved piecing and a straight piecing block), and a bit about fabric selection, quilt designs, and quilting. Then it’s right to the blocks. The flowers covered are Campanula, Columbine, Cosmos, Daisy, Day Lily, Hollyhock, Iris, Morning Glory, Rose, and Sweet Pea. (And, yes, they are in alphabetical order in the book.) After all the blocks, there is an Appendix with incredibly helpful piecing tips. I strongly recommend reading the Appendix before trying any of the blocks.

These are some very creative designs! They are gorgeous. Once I get over being intimidated…

Quilt on!

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  1. Taking one of Ruth’s classes makes you feel like anything in this book is totally possible. These patterns are about the fabric and the directionality of the motifs on the fabric. Read her piecing book and do the exercises and that will get you to this book.

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