Books on Monday – Quilt It as You Go

Today we are looking at Quilt It as You Go: 5 Different Ways to Quilt as You Piece by Carolyn S. Vagts. (And the picture below is, yes, the Amazon Affiliate link.)

Before I get into reviewing this book, let me just mention that I have been looking at quilt-as-you-go and wondering if it is something I might like to try in order to quilt some of my own block of the month quilts without having to push a huge quilt through my machine. So I have been looking at some different methods. While this book has some interesting projects, this is not the droid book I’m looking for.

That being said, the projects in this book are interesting ways to quilt as you go and I will take some of this with me when I venture into the topic. I just don’t see myself making any of these projects since I’m looking for quilt-as-you-go to help me finish things I’ve already started.

Okay, onto looking at the book.

The main body of the book are the projects. There is a brief introduction, then a project. Next come directions for a quilt-as-you-go string pieced process with a project using that following the directions. The rest of the book continues in the same vein with project specific techniques described before or in the project using them. There are ten projects in all, most of them smaller projects.

The book seems to be aimed at people who like to piece but not quilt. That’s not me, although the jury is still out on the machine quilting as I’m still scared of it a bit. Anyway, if you want some projects that are basically done as soon as you have been piecing them, this might be the book for you.

Quilt on!

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