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Today’s book is Quilt Lovely: 15 Vibrant Projects Using Piecing and Appliqué by Jen Kingwell. According to, it became available on March 15, but I’ve had mine (which I purchased from Amazon) a couple of weeks already. And here is the Amazon Affiliate link:

I seriously cannot tell you what it is that makes me love Jen Kingwell’s designs. She chooses fabrics to go together that I don’t think I would ever consider. Her quilts are riots of color and pattern that I might consider over the top in other designs, but somehow these work for me. Of course, her use of piecing and appliqué together might have something to do with it.

Be that as it may, this book does not disappoint. She has both quilt and pillow patterns – and I want to make some of each. And I am not a pillow person. Seriously.

This book starts right off with the projects after a very brief note on how to use the book, quilts first and then pillows. I have marked ten of them as ones I might possibly want to do, although Gypsy Wife and Green Tea and Sweet Beans may need to come first. Then there are two Appendices – the first is called Before You Begin and the second is called Finishing Up. These are followed by Resources, Acknowledgments, Index, and About the Author. There is also a pattern sheet attached in the back.

I think my favorite pillow is one that is called She Loves You and is made up mostly of log cabin hearts. Gorgeous. It may actually be my first project from this book. Maybe.

Anyway, I highly recommend this book to all Jen Kingwell fans everywhere.

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Books on Monday – Quilt Lovely

  1. It looks like a lovely book. I’ve seen some of her other designs and really like them, though some are too busy for me. A guild friend was making The Gypsy Wife at a retreat I attended this past January. I had a chance to read the pattern and watch my friend struggle through it. She is an experienced, skilled quilter. The directions were just poorly written.I hope these patterns are better. I did “look inside,” and the one I saw seemed to be so. What do you think about the others in the book?

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