Books on Monday – Quilted Living

Today we are looking at Quilted Living: Casual Style for a Comfortable Home by Gerry Robinson of Planted Seeds Designs. Yes, I know that I still owe you all a look (through my eyes and my iPhone) at the AQS Grand Rapids show and that is coming later this week. Plus a look at my new sewing room, but it is the fourth Monday and…  What follow is indeed an Amazon Affiliate link which will, as usual, help support this blog.

This is one of the books published by The Fat Quarter Shop. I have several of their publications, this being my most recent acquisition. This one contains quilts inspired by a particular line of fabric designed by the author. In the Introduction she explains that she created all of the block designs using four basic elements. She also describes each quilt a bit. This is followed by a page with pictures of the fabric swatches from her fabric line. Next comes a two-page spread about her favorite tools. Then, it’s on to the quilts.

Most of the patterns are for various sizes of throw-sized quilts. Three have table runner options using the blocks. One is for a 26″ boxed pillow. And I like them all, although I doubt that I would make many of the red, white, and blue ones in those colors. (I guess I’m a bad American for not being a huge red, white, and blue fan.) As I read them, the patterns seem to be well-written and are certainly well-illustrated. They have a very modern feel to them.

If you are looking for quilts with a modern feel, this might be the book for you. (Good grief, I sound like a commercial!)

Quilt on!