Books on Monday – Quiltmaker’s 1000 Blocks

This will be a short review due to the nature of the book. Today we are looking at Quiltmaker’s 1,000 Blocks: A Collection of Quilt Blocks from Today’s Top Designers edited by Carolyn Beam, Paula Stoddard, Diane Volk Harris, Denise Starck, and Amy Rullkoetter. (The link below will benefit this blog.)

If you are a fan of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazines, this book is for you. Especially if you missed a couple issues. This book contains all the blocks from the first ten issues.

The book is arranged by type of block, just like the magazines. The blocks are numbered in the book like in the magazines, but they have been re-numbered for this book. (The patterns are on a CD instead of on sheets in the back of the book. Otherwise this book would be HUGE!) They are arranged by type of block, just like in the magazines. There is a section each of appliqué,foundation-pieced blocks, mixed technique blocks, and pieced blocks (by far the largest section!).

There is also a section with information about settings and yardages for making these blocks into quilts. And it ends with an index of designers. (Just a couple of notes on the index: 1. The numbers after the designer names are page numbers and 2. You need to add 2 to the page number to actually find the designer’s block. I was more than a little frustrated until I figured that out!)

Am I glad I bought this book? Oh, yes! This is true even though I own all ten of the magazines. 1000 blocks in one book that will take up a bit less shelf space.

Quilt on!

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