Books on Monday – Quilts from the Heart

This week I’m looking at Quilts from the Heart: Quick Projects for Generous Giving by Karin Renaud. The picture below is indeed an Amazon Associate link. Yes, if you click on it and buy using it, I will get a small kickback to help support this blog. Thank you if you do.

The purpose of this book is to provide scrap quilt patterns in a size that is perfect for donating to such charities as Project Linus. Another plus is that the Skill Level for most of these is Beginner or Advanced Beginner. There are a couple of Intermediate level quilts also, but nothing too terribly scary.

The book starts with a Preface which describes how the author found out about Project Linus and got involved in making quilts for that charity. This is followed by a section called “Making a Quilt to Donate” and a section called “About the Projects.” Next comes a very thorough section on “Quiltmaking Basics” followed by a section on “Altering the Size of the Quilt.”

Then come the twenty projects. I marked almost all of them. I did feel like many of them looked very similars, mostly squares and rectangles, but they are very attractive. And scrappy!

The book finishes with a page of “Charitable Organizations” and “Meet the Author.”

Come on back next week for the follow-up to this book!

Quilt on!