Books on Monday – Remarkable Rectangles

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This week we are looking at yet another book by Robert DeCarli – Remarkable Rectangles: Deceptively Simple Strip Pieced Quilts. (Amazon Affiliate link below!)

These are quilt projects kind of based on woven coverlet designs. They are gorgeous and, of course, I want to make them all. (Sigh. So many quilts. So little time.) They are based on a block that Mr. DeCarli calls The Weaving Block, which is strip pieced. (And, yes, you got that part from the title, I know.)

Once I knew that the designs came from woven coverlet designs, I could see it when I looked at them. I might not have recognized that without the warning he gave me, but once I had that warning, it was obvious to me.

This time there are fifteen projects (my favorite is the cover quilt AKA Ludwig’s Corner) and some ideas for variations. I do appreciate the way that Mr. DeCarli includes the variation ideas, not that I will ever get all of the quilts made as it is. I’m pretty sure Ludwig’s Corner is destined for my bed since it is the only bed in the house that does not currently have a Gretchen-made quilt on it.

The contents of this book include;

  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • A Cold and Wintry Day When I Was Chosen
  • The Weaving Block
  • Woven Coverlet Designs Turned into Quilts
  • Variations on a Theme
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author

This one is another multiple thumbs up!

Quilt on!

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